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Academia is important, but so is a meal plan.

Canadian academic institutions help students pursue academic excellence, discover innovations in research, grow intellectually as individuals, develop self-sustaining skills and learn how to make a positive impact on our world. Post-secondary institutions invest significant portions of their recruitment budgets trying to engage 16 and 17 year-olds with concepts that centre around these lofty ideas. When …

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Stop choosing popular keywords.

What are Keywords?   Keywords are ideas and topics that define your content. More specifically, they’re the words and phrases that people enter in to the Google search bar. Everything your piece of content is made up of (images, videos, writing, etc.) make up your primary keywords. That said, if you’re thinking of loading every …

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Stock or custom photography?

When people consume written information, they’re likely to retain 10 percent of it. If an image is paired with that same information, people retain 65 percent. Today’s branding environment is more visual than ever. Photography plays a huge role in attracting attention and delivering information that sticks.  If you want your brand’s content to be …

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