Social Change

Effective fundraising messages inspire emotions and action.

Fact-based, transactional marketing messages are easily ignored unless the consumer is predisposed to buy. To attract a consumer’s attention, the marketer must deliver messages that surprise and reward.

You Don’t Realize
How Big A Plate Is
Until You Can’t
Fill It

When asking for donations at the busiest time of the year, the Ottawa Food Bank is undeterred. If anything, they are emboldened.

Most charitable organisations know this, and so the competition for donors is fierce. The Ottawa Food Bank consistently uses surprising, intriguing and rewarding creative to get the attention of donors and inspire them to give.

The Ottawa Food Bank and the Fifty team plastered white paper plates across the city with a message that could not be ignored.

Dislodging donors from their shopping routine with bold and surprising messages caused them to stop, think and give.

Present an issue where consumers least expect to see it and they won’t be able to ignore it.

25% Increase

Impossible-to-ignore donation drives increased holiday donations year over year.

200% Increase

Emotional and engaging digital campaigns dramatically increased online donations.

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