Design is more than pretty colours. It involves strategy, creative and most importantly, empathy for your audience.

Colour palettes, information hierarchy and font choice–good design involves much more than you think, including having a deep understanding of your end-user.

Good photography makes design great.

Obasan customers hail from all over the world. To provide support for product sales, Fifty created an information-laden brochure that provides customers with everything they needed to know to purchase the perfect bed.

Fifty designed similar brand and product story treatments for web, video and in-store signage. All materials supported the Obasan brand platform tagline, “Sleep well. Live well”, also developed by Fifty.

Good design considers the micro as well as the macro of a brand.

Our design approach has to engage customers, so the Obasan brand story has to be told at every touch point.

Video, brochure, email marketing, point of sale materials and web each require different applications of a common design approach.

Obasan customers experience a consistent brand story over every touch point in-store, online, in print and even over the phone.

Partner Team:
Fifty and
Inkline Media

The best way to achieve good sleep is to learn how.

To teach Obasan mattress owners how to get better sleep, Fifty designed and wrote The Secret to Sleeping Well – a book that teaches the science behind sleep and how to apply it every single night.