Website visitors expect to find what they’re looking for in a maximum of three clicks.

Your website’s visitors are hasty. Your website’s strategy shouldn’t be. Designing and developing a website is an exercise in patience as much as it is in psychology.

Evocative videos of cityscapes across the US, eloquently describe The Fletcher Group’s virtual model.

We worked with The Fletcher Group to build an effective user experience that capitalizes on user behaviour and emphasizes lead generation.

Building on The Fletcher Group’s strong reputation, results-driven case studies and compelling client testimonials, Fifty developed a website from wireframes to final designs that leverages concrete evidence of success to generate leads.

A user-driven web strategy ensures The Fletcher Group’s audiences are always within arm’s reach of a point of contact.

Content strategy is critical to effective lead generation for The Fletcher Group.

Content strategy is critical to effective lead generation for The Fletcher Group.

Astute thought leadership articles position The Fletcher Group as leaders in their industry and serve as an effective lead generation tool.

Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.

An effective web design process starts with a detailed understanding of users and their goals. The Fifty team develops audience personas, web architecture and wireframes to guide the design of a successful user experience.

Client testimonials and calls to action dispersed across the website tell users a story of strong business acumen and present opportunities to connect every step of the way.

Partner Team:
Fifty and
Inkline Media