Achieving ROI with multiple audiences is a crucial concern for B2B brands.

ROI goals for B2B companies often include retention of clients, new client attraction and recruitment of top talent.

Privacy Analytics is a leader in data anonymization services and software for organizations in the consumer and healthcare industries. While Privacy Analytics products are highly technical in nature, Privacy Analytics wanted their brand to transcend the technical and communicate a human benefit: the protection of people’s privacy and the trust that ensues. 

The theme of not just protecting data, but protecting people was delivered in a motion graphic in the home page header and then carried through visually with the dot pattern and plain language web copy that continually emphasize the human value of trust and how it translates to business success. 

The Privacy Analytics commitment to delivering value through expertise and knowledge about data privacy practices is expressed by an extensive resources section that provides a large array of articles, videos and opinion papers from the experts at Privacy Analytics.

More than half (55%) of all customer interactions typically begin online and more than a quarter now begin on mobile devices.

The Privacy Analytics buyer journey rewards all visitors proving to be highly rewarding for Privacy Analytics.

An effective user experience, inspiring design environment and well-crafted copy help site visitors experience the Privacy Analytics solutions and find industry insights, relevant case studies as well as career opportunities.

Comprehensive architecture and wireframes map out buyer conversions before design begins.

All Privacy Analytics audience needs are met well and simultaneously.


Clients see solutions that are tailored for their sector.

Prospective Team Members

Prospective team members envision themselves working at Privacy Analytics.


Clients see the full scope of Galileo solutions before engaging with the sales team.

Partner Team: Fifty, Inkline and Privacy Analytics


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