Successful B2B brands are givers and takers.

Improve your B2B brand’s value by demonstrating that it cares.

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The not-so-hidden agenda for every B2B brand is driving sales. That agenda works well for the brand, but what’s in it for the buyer, current clients or employees?

The most productive B2B brands demonstrate that they put their audiences’ interests first. How does your B2B brand demonstrate that it cares?


  1. Do you share what you know?


Since you are a leader in your sector, others can benefit from your knowledge and experience. When you give others the opportunity to learn from your insights and perspective, you reinforce your position as a knowledgeable and dynamic leader; a leader who invests in the same business community that invests in your business.


  1. Do you support a cause that makes sense for your brand?


The cause you pick or invent should be relevant to your business or sector and should result in a noticeable and positive difference in the lives of others. Your brand will be associated with giving back which creates positive feelings with all your businesses’ audiences, particularly when they are invited to participate.


  1. Are you mentoring the next generation?


When you invest in the next generation of professionals, they will invest in your business by building your reputation. Develop a mentorship program and highlight the success of those you mentor. The success you help bring to the next wave of professionals will ensure they speak of you as a positive, supportive and committed advocate that nurtures (and successfully hires) top talent.


  1. Do you inspire others?


Write case studies with outcomes that point to tangible human benefits. The benefits can be financial, especially if you point out who the gains will impact, and how. Case studies that highlight value on a human scale add dimension to the experience of your brand for all audiences.

Brands that are givers and takers build trust, goodwill and reputation with longevity, which opens the door to making sales, retaining clients and attracting talent. Invest in your audiences and they will equate your brand with positive actions. That will pay dividends when you least expect it.


Looking for evidence? The Galileo Foundation from our client Galileo Processing is a perfect example of philanthropy doing good for both humanity and business.


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