Animal Whisperer’s Animal Caller

Dollarama Discoveries – Fall 2019

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At Fifty, we’re animal lovers and real close to the Somerset Dollarama. We have a beautiful office pup named Tim and one of us owns a lizard. When an opportunity presents itself to buy a one to four dollar item that shows our devotion to critters, we pounce.

In our first edition of Dollarama Discoveries, we review Animal Whisperer’s Animal Caller from MonToy–an indispensable piece for friends of furry creatures and an indispensable piece for our ragtag collection of dollar store knick-knacks.

The Animal Whisperer’s Animal Caller boasts an array of five semi-accurate animal calls including: the cougar, loon, gray wolf, American eagle and grizzly bear. The design is light, ergonomic and elegant, with a garden-hose-inspired grip for maximum control. Instead of showering your begonias, shower your family and friends with low-quality soundbites emitted from the head of a bear. Whether you set the device to the growl of a cougar or the scream of an American eagle, this bear can bellow.

Animal Whisperer’s Animal Caller

Price: $3.50

Manufacturer: MonToy

Now, do the calls actually attract animals? We don’t know. We’d rather not walk into the woods to attract an 800-pound death machine. Luckily, the grizzly call sounds more like a burp from your great uncle Jimmy. As for the rest of the calls, the cougar, loon, gray wolf and American eagle sound pretty darn good. There is a straight-to-DVD movie quality about them, but frankly, that makes us love them even more.


The Animal Whisperer’s Animal Caller is a must-have for collectors of dollar store trinkets. Not only does it call animals, it calls on your most primitive of senses and brings you closer to nature when nature is miles away. Also, it reminds us of our great uncles and that brings us great joy. We give the Animal Whisperer’s Animal Caller nine grizzly cuddles out of ten.


Dollarama Store Front


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