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Dollarama Discoveries – Winter 2020

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Whether you’re going out dancing tonight or you are judging in an 18th century courtroom, we’re sure you’ll agree that wigs make an unforgettable fashion statement.

Not only are they versatile, but they’re transformative too. With wigs, any ol’ Joe or Joette can operate as a functional member of society by day and a 1950’s cinema starlet by night.

Traditional wigs are renowned for their adaptability, yes, but generally speaking they are not particularly portable.

That is, until now.


Inflatable Wig (Princess Beehive)

Price: $2.75

Manufacturer: Air Hedz

man wearing inflatable princess wig

Introducing the Inflatable Wig from Air Hedz–a compact, latex hairpiece that tells the world, “I’m a princess and a bank teller.” With an inflatable wig, you no longer have to leave your other hairpieces at home. And, since deflated Air Hedz wigs are so compact, you can fit up to three in your standard handbag. Simply unfold, inflate and grace upon your noggin. When you’re done feeling fabulous, deflate and fold it up.

The model we’ve reviewed is the Princess Beehive. Adorned with a light rose tiara and twinkling star accents, the Princess Beehive is sure to ‘wow’ at any event from a box social to a children’s birthday party. And, as with any of Air Hedz’s inflatable wigs, not only can you sport stylish hair, but you’re always within arm’s reach of a handy life preserver. You can easily acquire the full collection, including: the hunka burnin’ pompadour and the Grace Jones, ‘A View to Kill’ 35th anniversary box cut afro.


The Air Hedz Inflatable Princess Wig is an absolute prize for those looking to bump up their wig game or simply feel pretty on an Alaskan cruise. If Jack had one at the end of Titanic, he and Rose would probably still be romancing in Model Ts sporting flawless, inflatable hair. For all of this, we give the Air Hedz Inflatable Princess Wig seven BPA-free jerry curls out of ten.


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