How to tell a story without boring people to death

In 2015 the world watched 42.5 billion hours of streaming video content on Netflix*. This statistic tells us that a growing number of people prefer getting information by watching video rather than reading it. (Did I mention we’re getting lazy?) So, when thinking about how your brand should communicate, think about video.


Videos reach people in a uniquely powerful way

Remember the first movie you ever saw and the impact it had on you? Chances are you were swept away by the visual scale and richness, dramatic timing and emotion. Rather than simply reading a story, you experienced it. There is the same opportunity for your brand. The screen is sometimes the most compelling, persuasive and impactful  place for your brand to tell its story.

Videos scale well in budgets given their versatility

One video can be used in many ways. Your video can be adapted for teasers, previews, and pre-roll that drives viewers to see the main video. You end up with a consistent look and feel in a variety of locations and the cost can be amortized over a number of platforms. This flexibility of applications across different media over time significantly increases your return on investment.



Quitting smoking is a big deal. It challenges you physically and emotionally. Wouldn’t you rather see how other people have dealt with it and succeeded as opposed to reading a brochure with facts? Numbers are compelling, but adding that human element through video makes a brand relatable. And in this case, it helped people quit smoking with MyQuit.

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