How to spend your company’s money without getting fired

You have money to spend on marketing and communications and 12 months to spend it.
Now what?


Your organization has potential marketing opportunities to plan your budget around. Once your dates are set, you must plan individual approaches for each marketing event. That means research. Your spending must be rationalized and the only way to do that is to back it up with a smart strategy.

Preach to the choir

Start by looking at your audience’s behaviours. Understanding when and where they make purchases, respond to messages and interact with brands all helps guide when and where your interaction should occur.

Keep your enemies close

You can learn a lot by watching your competition, especially if they are a category leader. Keep an eye on when they’re most active and when they quiet down. Look at what media they buy. Consider what they are saying. Are they quality or price driven? You’re better and you’re different. Make sure your message conveys that. Considering your timing and messages will help you rise above commercial noise.



How will you please your stakeholders?
How will you increase sales?
How do you define your product or service to your consumers?


When is the best time of year to engage your audience?
How much can you spend?
How many months can your budget allow?


What do they care about?
How will you reach them?
What media gets their attention?


Where do they spend their marketing budget?
How does your brand rank in comparison?
How does their audience feel about their brand?

There’s an immersureable amount of information readily available on sites like Hubspot and Fastcompany and working with a strategist can help you determine exactly what your brand needs. And hey, 50 happens to have a few strategists ready to help.

We’ve been working on strategies for the Ottawa Food Bank for over 7 years. Here’s the result:

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