First of all, a brand is more than a logo. A brand is an idea. It’s a living, breathing organism that you have to care for throughout its life. From conception onward, you must ensure that every brand interaction with your consumers is consistent. That includes how your staff answers the phone, the way your website scrolls down the page, and the feeling people get when they walk through your building. A brand is everything to a business. Here’s how to not mess it up:

Use a brand guideline

A brand guideline is a compass for your organization. It points you in the right direction when determining your colour palate, font choice, tone of voice, iconography and photography for everything regarding your brand.

Brand guidelines can include colour palette, font choice, tone of voice, personality, iconography, and photography.

Show and tell

Once you’ve found your brands’ voice, share it. Put it in writing – set up a short brand guide for new employees to read on their first day, design an infographic and post it on the walls. Most of all – make it simple. The easier a brand is to understand; the more likely people are to follow it.

Lakehead’s brand guidelines are used to inform students, professors, administration, community members, and prospective students about the community that they are (or will soon become) a part of.