Strategic Philosophy

We believe that creative succeeds when it’s grounded in strategy. That’s why our marketing, digital, social, research and brand strategies inspire every piece of creative we deliver.

Creative Philosophy

The creative process only begins when the strategy is in place. And once it is, we develop everything from digital, print, broadcast, collateral and video in creative ways that breathe passion and energy into work that motivates.

Sector Experience

For over three decades, our experience has given us a breadth of knowledge spanning across 5 sectors:

Consumer Brand
Health Care
Social Marketing

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.
A few brands we’ve helped over the past decade.


Why Fifty? Our clients always work with senior experts. People who watched Seinfeld the first time around.

Sarah RoncarelliPartner - Strategy Director

Sarah was the co-founder of three successful advertising agencies in Ottawa: Acme, Alloy and Fifty Strategy + Creative. In Sarah’s 30+ years of experience, her comprehensive strategic experience in private and public industry sectors, resulted in many successful integrated national campaigns employing all digital and traditional media. Sarah has won multiple international, national and regional awards.

Clare BrennanPartner - Creative Director

Clare has been creative director at three successful advertising agencies in Ottawa: Acme, HBS and Fifty Strategy + Creative. With 20+ years of experience, he has been the senior creative leader and designer for national brands, including the Heart Institute, Carleton University and Alcatel-Lucent. Clare has received over 150 national and regional creative awards, mastering all digital, traditional and broadcast platforms.

Sue AshbyAccount Director
Katelin DuboisSenior Designer
Mathieu RobinGraphic Designer
Christian BelangerCopywriter
Brent MartelTechnical Director
Kevin McKerracherDevelopment Lead
Tim RoncarelliResident Scone Snatcher

We partner with illustrators, motion graphic artists, photographers, researchers, french copywriters and marketing professionals based on what your project needs.

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